March 04, 2013

Agencies Working to End Elder Abuse

Legal Services for the Elderly, Disabled or Disadvantaged of Western NewYork (LSED) fully supports the call for legislative protection against elder abuse. And while legislation is necessary, informing Western NewYorkers about the ongoing efforts right in their back yard to combat existing elder abuse is also important. Knowing where
to turn when you or a loved one has been exploited is the first step toward tackling and preventing the problem.

In Erie County, the Council on Elder Abuse has provided education to seniors and senior service agencies since 2000. The council includes lawenforcement, the Erie County District Attorney’s Office, Erie County Protective Services for Adults, Erie County Senior Services, Crisis Services, representatives from local financial institutions
and various other organizations. LSED sits on the council and our staff member, Kathy Kanaley, is the current chairwoman. LSED is dedicated to combating elder abuse, and works with the District Attorney’s Office to pursue criminal charges against abusers. It also works with local financial institutions to help identify cases of financial exploitation, with Protective Services when there is a legal component to an abusive situation and with the Family Justice Center and local law enforcement agencies to help protect seniors.

More than 1,500 cases of elder abuse are reported each year in Erie County, and many more cases are never reported. Legislation is essential as we work toward a safer community for our seniors. Meanwhile, there are agencies working to combat this growing problem. Reaching out and taking action is the first step toward putting a stop to this horrendous crime. For more information, call LSED at 716-853-3087.

Legal Services for the Elderly,
Disabled or Disadvantaged
of Western NewYork


This article was first published in The Buffalo News.