December 10, 2014

CEA Meeting Minutes

Council on Elder Abuse Minutes from 12/2/14
• Introductions
• Disability Awareness Training by David Whalen
o The main issue is the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in everyday life
o Disabilities and limitations increase as people age
o The victimization of individuals with disabilities is 4-10 times higher than for people without disabilities
o Elder abuse and abuse of people with disabilities parallel each other
o Person first language is imperative in preserving dignity and showing individuals with disabilities respect
• David Whalen performs trainings for law enforcement and other first responders in Erie and Niagara Counties. He has an abundance of information on working with individuals with disabilities.
o Website:
o Office phone number: 716-286-7355
• The trainings for the Elder Shelter are ongoing in the community
• Discussion about a multidisciplinary task force (MDT) for financial exploitation of older adults
• Council on Elder Abuse Calendars will be available at the next meeting on 1/6/15