February 08, 2018

February Meeting Minutes

• Announcements
• Introductions
• Speaker: Helen Ferarro-Zaffram, Esq, Supervising Attorney at the Center for Elder Law & Justice
   o Speaking on capacity and executing documents
   o Legal documents
      Last will and testament
       • Typically a lower capacity standard
       • Person has to know what they have and who they want to give it to
      Power of Attorney
       • Typically a higher capacity standard – contractual capacity
       • Can be complicated for a person to understand all that the document is and all that it can do
       • Typically completed in at least two meetings with a client
          o Important to meet alone with the client up front
       • The POA is in effect right when it is signed
      Health Care Proxy
       • Typically a lower capacity standard
       • Who do you want to make your health care decisions for you
       • Have been issues when the patient is getting overlooked and the doctors are defaulting straight to the HCP, without written documentation that the patient is unable to consent
      Questions
• Updates from other agencies
• Next meeting 3/6/18