January 05, 2018

January Meeting Minutes

• Announcements
• Introductions
• Speaker: Melissa Woods, Paralegal at Center for Elder Law & Justice (CELJ)
   o Training on the Risk Detector App developed by CELJ and Pro Bono Net
   o Online program for service providers to use with clients. The purpose is to estimate the risk a senior may face in the areas of housing, consumer debt, financial exploitation, and health care. The assessment does not provide legal advice
     Each area has specific questions to assess for the prevalence
   o Once the assessment is completed, a report is generated and a copy gets sent to CELJ to be reviewed within 1 business day. If the issue(s) noted in the report can be handled by CELJ, a case will be opened and assigned to the proper unit(s). If the issues are not appropriate for CELJ, a proper referral to another agency or resource will be made for the senior
     Providers who complete the assessment with or for a client will be emailed a copy of the report
   o The assessment can be completed in two modes
     Standard mode – longer interview with more extensive analysis and report. This takes about 10 minutes
     Express mode – shorter interview with summary analysis and report. This takes about 5 minutes
   o The assessment is meant to be completed using a conversational style
   o The assessment can be completed by a service provider in-person, over the phone, or back at the office after a meeting with a client
   o After each question is answered, additional information can be added
   o Questions asked will be different for the housing portion of the assessment based on whether or not a senior owns or rents their home
   o Melissa is currently in the process of training staff at community agencies to use this assessment. Please contact her if you are interested in having a training at your agency. Phone: 853-3087 ext. 206 or mwoods@elderjusticeny.org
• Group question: Who can assist seniors with downsizing and removing unneeded household items for free?
   o Can contact the City Mission, Cornerstone Manor, or other shelters and ask that they send a truck to come pick up items, if appropriate
• Next meeting is February 6, 2018