June 09, 2017

June Meeting Minutes

• Introductions
• Announcements
• Kristin Surdej from the Network in Aging
   o The Network is going on its 38th year
   o There is one part-time staff person
   o It is a membership driven organization
     There are about 100 membership agencies. 4 employees per agency are allowed per membership
     There are individual, student, and retiree memberships available
     Profit comes from the membership dues
   o It is stationed at UB and started out as comprised mainly of educators, but it has since grown to all professionals in the field of aging
   o Network with the Network events are where members can host an event or co-host an event. This is a chance to visit the site of other members and share knowledge and resources
   o There are several committees in the Network – education, communications, special events, etc.
   o They have an annual meeting in November and several educational seminars throughout the year
   o The Taste of the Network is always a big hit
   o Visit their website for upcoming events
• Thane Schulz, the Director of Services for Allwel Homecare
   o Started serving clients in 2000
   o Provide homecare to older adults, individuals with disabilities, and individuals recovering from surgery/injuries
   o Use a Trauma-Informed approach with both clients and staff
• Donna Sutz from Meals on Wheels is the recipient of the 2017 Exceptional Service Award. Congratulations Donna!!!