March 08, 2018

March Meeting Minutes

• Announcements
• Introductions
• Speaker: Peter Herbsman, FBI Computer Scientist
   o Speaking on the grandparent scam and other internet safety tips
   o Anatomy of the grandparent scam
      Call to the older adult, caller says “Grandma? or Grandpa?”, older adult says the “grandchild’s” name, the emotional connection is made, caller says they are in trouble and asks for money and for the older adult not to tell anyone, send money through cash, wire transfer, gift cards, etc.
      Watched video of a former scam artist talking about the scam:
      Tips from the video
       • Older adults should ask the caller a question only their actual grandchild would know
       • Older adults should tell someone else right when they hang up before doing anything
      Other ways on how to prepare or prevent
       • Have caller ID in large print so the older adult can see the number before picking up
       • Screen all calls if the number is unknown or not familiar
       • Consider investing in a spam blocker – can be bought online
       • Do not call back numbers who call you and just hang up – could be charged for a long distance call, etc.
       • Cautiously post on social media and ask family members to do the same (for example: not posting vacation pictures until getting back home)
       • Consider creating a password between family members for verification
      What to do if a person is victimized by the scam
       • Don’t be ashamed
       • Contact the financial institution
       • Report it to
   o Cyber safety awareness
      Password protection
       • Avoid names and dictionary words
       • Have a range of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers
       • Change passwords regularly
       • Use different passwords across different accounts
       • Enable a 2 factor identification if possible
      Make sure the Wi-Fi connection you use is password protected and confirm the network name to make sure it isn’t being spoofed by a scammer
      Disable Bluetooth when it’s not in use
      Report online scams to the Internet Crimes Complaint Center:
      Good to cover your laptop/devices camera to ensure privacy
      Phishing scams: IRS scam, lottery scam, online dating/sweetheart scam, infected computer scam, ransomware scam
      Back up all of your information, pictures, etc. to an external hard drive frequently and make sure to unplug it after the backup is complete
• Announcements
   o The Long Term Care Ombudsman is holding a Spring Training staring on May 22, 2018 from 4-8. Call the general number for more information: 817-9222
   o The Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual Dementia Symposium is on April 27, 2018 from 9 am – 4 pm. Registration starts at 8 am. The event is located at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga.
   o World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is on June 15, 2018