May 05, 2017

May Meeting Minutes

• Introductions
• Announcements
• Moira Mycio, Erie County Senior Services/NY Connects
   o NY Connects is a joint effort by the NYS Office for the Aging and the NYS Department of Health
   o Erie County’s NY Connects program is run through Senior Services
   o There are currently 4 core staff that field about 1,600 calls per month
   o The goal is to rebalance the system and keep people in their homes, all while conserving money
   o NY Connects is known as the aging and disabilities resource center
   o NY Connects provides information for people of all ages who are looking for services
   o The online resource directory is a work in progress and you can contact NY Connects about trying to get your agency listed
   o NY Connects provides options counseling services
   o Erie County is a pilot county for the no wrong door screen that is about 90 questions (not all are asked) which helps to narrow the focus of the caller’s needs
   o There is a case management program for individuals over 60 years old and NY Connects staff make the referrals for the callers to that program
   o The WNY Alzheimer’s Caregiver Partnership (WNYACP) has 2 case managers through NY Connects
      There are episodic respite services through the grant, joint enrichment programs, support groups, and powerful tools classes for the caregivers and care receivers
   o Providers can call NY Connects for their clients and clients can call themselves
   o NY Connects provides short-term follow up in some instances
   o Working on getting the word out about NY Connects and in the near future there is supposed to be a statewide media campaign
• Dan Hanssel, Landlord Outreach Specialist from Belmont
   o Belmont is 1 of 3 Section 8 distributors in Erie County
   o They manage 15 property complexes
   o Their Section 8 voucher wait list is currently 9 years and 9 months long
      Currently have 6,100 voucher clients
   o Their housing resource center offers many different programs for all individuals including the family self-sufficiency program, seminars for first time homeowners, first time landlords, rapid rehousing program, permanent supportive housing program, etc.
   o The rapid rehousing program is for individuals who have had a set-back of some kind, not chronically homeless. There are a handful of agencies who assist individuals with finding housing who have been in their systems for at least 30 days. The idea of this program is to help people get back on their feet and become independent again
   o The permanent supportive housing program is for people who will need assistance for the rest of their lives
   o Dan met with about 3oo landlords that accept Section 8 vouchers last year to network and get feedback about the program
      He has assembled a landlord advisory council
      An FAQ section will be put on the Belmont website shortly
      Monthly trainings have been held for landlords to attend
      Challenge is finding affordable housing for low-income individuals so creating that connection with the existing landlords is crucial
      Landlords can call a tenant’s housing specialist if there are issues and a tenant can call their housing specialist if there are issues
   o There was discussion about whether or not individuals in domestic violence situations lose their vouchers if they go into shelters. The advice given was to call a housing specialist immediately to discuss the situation
• Next meeting is June 6, 2017 at 9 am at 100 James E. Casey Drive